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Can nothing or no one mathch this man … dnt even compare cuhz theres no comparrison at all…. ikno all my others(ex’s) didnt last well at least most & thats why they seemed all the same to me because they all had at least 3 things in common but not this 1 … it’ll be 4months on May 4th, 2013 .. all of 3 months have been like a rollercoaster cuhz we been thru hard times & there were times we adored & love to bring us closer & closer … my love for him is unconditional . January 4, 2013 brough us together as boyfriend & girlfriend but in the middle of that as months went by he became more then my boyfriend he became my hubby as long & forever he’ll be my bestfriend , my ride or die, my heartbeat .. my everything . i love ERIC WILSON, my baby my hubby the one i’ll never do wrong by cuhz i kno hes a keeper for real & hes proved to me that i could love someone the way i love him & i thank him for that … so many females & niggas have tried to come between us cuhz they try so hard but nothing will ever work cuh im not going anywhere & neither is he & thats a PROMISE:*

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